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5 Observations: How The Fifty Shades Of Grey Movie Will Shake Up Your Sex Life

<em>FHM</em> dissects the tantalizing trailer for the film adaptation of EL James&rsquo;s mom-porn book series!
by mich r. lagdameo | Jul 26, 2014
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Just when we all thought our girlfriends had gotten over that twisted manyak Christian Grey, here comes the tantalizing trailer for the film adaptation of Fifty Shades Of Grey, the first in EL James’s mom-porn book series. And after watching it, we got a pretty good idea what’s in store for us come V-Day 2015 (or when it officially hits theaters—no word yet how uncut it’ll be though).


First thing we have to say? It’s definitely not mom-porn anymore. More observations (and how watching it will impact your sex life), below!

1)   Christian Grey Isn’t The Intimidating Dude We Thought He’d Be

The role of Christian Grey is a plum one, and there was a lot of frenzied online speculation about the casting. The trailer took great pains to reveal the famous Mr. Grey (a flash of hand here, his suited back there).

And when we finally saw his face, he looked pretty ordinary… if, on a good day when we’ve slept well, we could don a good suit and achieve Jamie Dornan-levels of passable attractiveness (minus the helicopter and millions of dollars).


What’s in it for you? Re-read last line and feel better about yourself.

2)   Anastasia Steele Is The Girl You’ve Always Wanted To, Um, Get To Know Better

Dakota Johnson’s Anastasia is exactly how we’d pictured her: innocent looking, but you can tell she’s got some inner sexpot waiting to come out—pretty much how she was characterized in the book.

Her slim form and creamy flesh (revealed in flashes in the trailer) make us sit up and take notice. And her O-face at the end is something we’re sure to look out for.

What’s in it for you? Again, that O-face. Noice!

NEXT: It's not just a series of sexual encounters!

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