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Five classic Pinoy horror flicks!

<p>Getting ready for Halloween!</p>
| Oct 1, 2009
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It's October, bro! You know what that means—Halloween and its revelries. What better way to kick off this season of souls than a compilation of the five classic Pinoy horror movies ever produced—to us, at least. Cue Dracula’s maniacal laugh. [firstpara]
Oh, but if this were a trick or treat kind of thing, we've been tricked. Would you believe that YouTube doesn't have a single snippet of these films? We know right,
que barbaridad! If you find some, please, by all means, leave a link on the comments section and we'll gladly include them here.

Shake, Rattle and Roll (1984)
The popularity of this franchise is undeniable, although the sequels that are still being produced today doesn't hold a candle to the
Shake, Rattle and Roll of yore. Earlier films in the franchise, especially the first one, had very dark and serious tones as opposed to the more lighthearted feel of the newer ones.

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The original's first episode, “Baso,” is about a group of kids having a seemingly innocuous session of spirit of the glass. As expected, something goes wrong, and they all end up being possessed by spirits from Spanish colonial times. The second episode, “Pridyider,” is about a murderous refrigerator. It sounds funny now, but who knows how many people almost starved themselves to death because they got scared of opening their “pridyider.” But the scariest has got to be the third and last episode, “Manananggal.” The episode starred Herbert Bautista, whose character was given the unfortunate quest of killing the foul creature (played by the voluptuous Irma Alegre). Bistek eventually did it by pouring salt over the lower half of the Manananggal while the upper half was happily feasting on humans. We could only imagine the look on the creature’s face when she returned and tried to volt in with her other half.

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