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Cartoon Video Shows What Happens If Furious 7's Epic Stunts Were Realistic

The actors are still human, right?
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | May 18, 2015
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We are pretty sure most, if not all, of you were satisfied with the bromance-filled vroom fest known as Fast & Furious 7. We liked the plot, the banging (guns, you naughty you), the cars, and, of course, the hella crazy stunts that made our skins look like the surface of a basketball (read: goose bumps galore!)

We admit though that some of the scenes were just, well, too good to be true! We loved the movie, but we also love a dash of realism in our movies as well, and we know you do, too. In fact we think that, if it were all real, we'd be seeing members of the cast in, uhm, casts, hospitalized for the kick-ass maneuvers they did. Hey, they're still human, right?

With that in mind, College Humor decided to parody some of the scenes we're talking about, the ones that had us saying "For real?" to give us a more realistic glimpse of what should've happened after every death-defying stunt.

Check out the GIFs below. Warning: spoilers up ahead!

This is what should have happened after The Rock and Elena jumped out of the building as it explodes.


The know the airplane trick was legit, but we were actually scared that this would happen:



Here’s what supposed to happen to Megan after Brian threw her out of the moving truck.


The truth is Ronda Rousey remains unbeaten...


Gravity says hello!


See what we mean? if you want more realism, here's the blood-and-gore-filled full video:

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