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Geek Girl Crush: Top Tina Fey Moments

A few reasons why we love this crazy brunette
by Ronjay Eduvas | Feb 5, 2013
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For the average guy, Tina Fey could be the boring brunette that you’ll quicly dump if a pretty blonde with exploding tits and an excessive use of the word “like” comes your way.  But a real man will give this geek a chance, because underneath those thick-rimmed glasses and endless cultural references are curves and a seductive voice ready to say “I’m funny and I’m sexy. What are you gonna do about it?”

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We love Tina Fey. She is so hot, she could probably jump into many male fantasies without even taking her eyeglasses and suit off. Naughty teacher, dirty secretary, dominatrix lawyer, or, everybody’s favorite, awkward artist. It's also while fantasizing about her that you’ll remember that she’s smarter than you, and somehow you don’t get threatened or insecure. You just bask in the seductive, nerdy glory of Tina Fey. 

30 Rock, Fey's ultra-popular and super funny sitcom, aired its last episode last week, and the regular weekly dose of Tina Fey is now reduced to her hosting stints, and some appearances here and there. To caress this sad happening on the back, we pay tribute and count the ways Tina Fey has single-handedly established the sexy geek fantasy with the things she does.

1. Hosting the Golden Globes
When Tina hosted this year’s Golden Globes with best pal, Amy Poehler, we got to see her naughty side. She was in several body-hugging outfits; she acted drunk onstage; and proclaimed she’d go home with a lesbian Jodi Foster after the show. We’d take any of those, just for the record.

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2. Starring in Baby Mama
The Golden Globes is not the first indication that the Fey-Poehler tandem is the Stockton-Malone of the female comedy world. Aside from their Saturday Night Live skits together, the two worked on 2008’s Baby Mama, where Poehler played the irresponsible surrogate mother to Fey’s baby. It earned more than $60 million in ticket sales worldwide, making her a box office queen with her wits.

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