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Godzilla 2014: 10 Things You Need To Know About This Giant Butiki

Something really big (and scary) is coming. And no, it's not your overweight cousin from abroad!
by Anton D. Umali | May 7, 2014
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Japan’s most feared giant lizard, Godzilla, will be crashing through local theaters again on May 15 in another Hollywood remake, inciting feelings of unabashed excitement from the most giddy of monster movie lovers.

The electrifyingly awesome trailers infesting the Interwebz feature a Godzilla unlike anything you’ve ever seen before: more realistic, menacingly badass, and ruthlessly destructive that you’ll be shitting your pants come end credits.


Though the raging reptilian is an icon of pop-culture, Godzilla remains a mystery to most. His origins, special abilities, and even its effects on popular culture are overshadowed by his ferocious reputation. In order to refresh your memories for the inevitable cinematic chaos about to come, here’s a 10-point guide to getting to know this harbinger of doom!  

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Upon looking at Godzilla (or Gojira to the Japs), most would assume that this scaly creature of humongous size is a dinosaur. But let’s get things straight, this isn’t Jurassic Park and it isn’t really clear if the lizard indeed hails from the prehistoric era. Plus, humans are not on his menu. Legend has it that the kaiju (that’s strange giant creature in Japanese) is a gorilla-whale hybrid, explaining its anthropomorphic stance and amphibious qualities. Most origin theories claim that it is a sea monster either awakened or mutated by nuclear experimentation in the Pacific Ocean.

Kinda like this fish but bigger!


Among the superpowers of this crusher of big cities is its ability to spew an atomic breath and shoot laser beams from its eyes. Brewing from its radioactive tummy and making its way out through its lethal jaws, the fatal fire is capable of burning and killing anything that stands in its way. Face-melter: quite literal.

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The smart lizard also knows where to aim for maximum effect


Not only is Godzilla a maniacal beast on land, it’s quite agile in the water as well. Capable of maneuvering in deep seas, it uses its massive tail to navigate waters. Avoid its every swish and slash if ever you get to swim beside it, aquatic contact with this leviathan can spell death.

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