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Harold and Kumar - Escape from Guantanamo

<p>The immigrant tokers are back for another stoner misadventure</p>
| Mar 28, 2008
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Who? John Cho (high), Kal Penn (stoned), Neil Patrick Harris (spaced out)
What’s it about? In 2004, stoner film Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle became an unexpected hit, raking in more than $23 million at the box office. We’re highlighting the word “unexpected” because it had the makings of an obscure straight-to-DVD production: almost-unknown Asian actors (John Cho and Kal Penn) as the lead roles, a then D-Lister for a cameo appearance (Neil Patrick Harris), stupid set pieces, not to mention the slightly retarded punch lines. Now, still banking on its low-brow charm, the movie is back for another franchise. This time, the duo takes their bongs to Amsterdam, the land of milk and chongki. Thing is, they never really make it all the way to that city. Both are suspected of terrorism, so they’re stuck in drug-free Guantanamo Bay detention camp. Although they eventually manage to escape from the brig, they still go through weird encounters, some involving a mutated man, Neil Patrick Harris (again, as himself), a KKK parade (not the Bonifacio kind), and half-naked babes. - Rhea Catada

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