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Attack Of The Heneral Luna Memes!

Undeniable proof that the film's popularity is truly sky-high!
by John Paulo Aguilera | Sep 29, 2015
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All the well-deserved hype surrounding Jerrold Tarog's Heneral Luna proved rewarding, as the local screening of the historical biopic has been extended indefinitely. The film is also being handpicked as the Philippines' entry to the Best Foreign Language Film category of the 2016 Oscars.

With a great deal of moviegoers letting out adulation for the film in social media, it looked like mall and theater owners were coaxed by an invisible hand to give those who still haven't watched it in the big screen a chance.

HENERAL LUNA's countdown to achieve the 200M break even point has already began and will continue to run until we reach...

Posted by Joji Villanueva Alonso on Monday, September 28, 2015

But it wasn't just the downpour of positive reviews that helped Heneral Luna's cause, as seen in the post above. It would be blasphemous not to credit this crazy (and sometimes, twisted) side of social media: memes.

An unlikely but now one of the more prevalent and popular avenues for creativity, memes mirror the netizens' elaborate sense of humor, and at the same time unconsciously generate buzz for the matter at hand. In the case of Heneral Luna, themes of online memes range from...


These set of memes remind us of X-Men Origins:

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Obviously, at the end of the movie, many didn't grow too fond of this particular character:

And then there's this dude, who's lately been a hot topic—for sitting through the entire movie...


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This particular sequence wherein the hot-blooded commandant was just a trigger-pull away from taking his own life:

This scene in which the general and his officers were brewing a crucial plot using a damn sandbox:

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That quotable "tatlong araw" quote.

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Though the real question is...


Those nostalgic school-themed memes...

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...the country's exasperating daily traffic and commuting situation...

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...and even common household dilemmas.

This one's fitting because Christmas is fast-approaching:

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Here's our ultimate favorite though:

Memes via Heneral Luna Memes Facebook page
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