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A Retro Breakdown Of The 'Stranger Things' Season 3 Teaser Trailer

We can't stop laughing at Steve
by Emmanuel Calingacion | Jul 17, 2018
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This is not a drill! We repeat: NOT. A. DRILL. We finally have a teaser trailer for Stranger Things Season 3! Although it doesn’t show much of our favorite boys and psychokinetic girl, it did reveal a funky new location. And here’s the retro breakdown for you!

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We’re reintroduced to the fictional Hawkins, Indiana, the town where most of Stranger Things takes place. This apparent patriotic community and shining example of the American Dream is presented in nostalgic fashion. You can see colorful cars in the parking lot of the Starcourt Mall, whose sign is completely in neon.

From what we’ve experienced from science-fiction horror movies, this could be one of those places where the main characters barricade themselves in while trying to hide or escape from creatures that are trying to kill them ala Dawn of the Dead. That would be a great tribute to a zombie flick if that’s the direction they’re going.

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We take a look inside Starcourt Mall, of course, still presented in 80s TV commercial fashion. We see different people of different ages at the mall, doing a bunch of stuff like shopping, eating, or just hanging out. One key moment was the couple kissing by the fountain, which may be a foreshadowing of something that will happen in the coming episodes. Nancy and Steve anyone?

It’s also really interesting to see what this fun-filled place and the people in it will look like in The Upside Down.

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The commercial then goes into specific shops and restaurants. You guys better keep these names in mind: The Gap, Waldenbooks, and Sam Goody. Some other shops were shown but not particularly. They might be key stores in the next season where some adventures may take place. Who knows, we might see Dustin and Lucas hiding in a fitting room in The Gap, or maybe we could see Will shopping for new comics at Waldenbooks, or the entire gang at Sam Goody looking for new 80s music to listen to?

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Ahhh, the most spacious part of the mall, the food court. You better get ready for some chase scenes and table-and-chair-throwing action. It’s also pointed out that it’s “one escalator ride away,” which may imply that our favorite characters might get trapped at the food court when this “one escalator” gets chopped off by The Demogorgon. A bit far-fetched, we know, but this is Stranger Things and the strangest things happen.

Steve Harrington is seen as an employee in the ice cream shop, Scoops Ahoy. Beside him, you’ll see Robin, the new “alternative girl” character to be introduced in the next season.

Steve doesn’t look too happy with his most recent employment, but daddy’s gotta work to provide for his kids. You know what we’re talking about, internet. The kids might even visit him here to score some of that good stuff.

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We’re all reminded again that Starcourt Mall is one of the finest shopping facilities in the world, and invites us to “Come on down,” which might backup our Upside Down theory. We’re definitely convinced that all the gruesome thrilling horror scenes will happen here because remember: Starcourt Mall has it all. That kind of reminds us of another shopping mall (with ironically the same initials) here in the Philippines with the same slogan?

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