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FHM's Horror Movie Special

Scary movies: all you need for a thriller of a Halloween night
by Gelo Gonzales | Oct 31, 2012
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Part of the fun of celebrating Halloween is that you’ve got license to go all out and scare yourself—and others. Now while most will be donning the freakiest, most out-of-this-world getups to party or raid their villages of its candy supply, others prefer to ride-out October’s chilly final night by curling up at home, with a lot of beer and a bunch of scary movies.

So for those of you ghouls and gals who’d rather keep the screams within the four walls of their abode rather than dancing naked under the full moon, we’ve prepared a list of horror must-sees that are sure to invoke fear in the hearts of even the most courageous. From bloodsucking vampire prostitutes to the knife-fingered goo-faced murderers of your nightmares, these are the movies best watched without the lights on.

So if you’re brave enough to face ghosts, psychos, and menacing clowns, read on and don’t forget to share with us your suggestions on which creepy capers made you piss your pants. (Oh, and we've also got some really creepy movie gadgets here.) Happy Halloween!

1) Silent House
Freak out formula: WILL KEEP YOU GUESSING

There’s nothing like a little mystery to add tension to an already nail-biting film. In this things-that-go-bump-in-the-dark movie, the confused Sarah (Elizabeth Olsen), while helping her father and uncle pack up the remains of an old residence, must navigate through an abandoned lake house, all while dealing with possible intruders with malicious intentions. What’s interesting about this movie is that the filmmakers add a claustrophobic feel to the deafening silence and blanketing darkness by having no cuts from start to end, the one-take strategy enhancing the sense of real-time, making every scare worth the wait.

                                             “Mom! Dad forgot to pay the electric bill again
2) Bordello of Blood

Kids of the '90s are probably familiar with Tales from the Crypt, the HBO horror series hosted by the nose-less, cadaverous Cryptkeeper. Aside from the show, they came up with a series of movies, the sexiest of which being Bordello of Blood. Its campy style of mixing the macabre with sex and comedy told the tale of a secret whorehouse, whose mamasan Lilith (supermodel Angie Everhart, yum!) and resident prostitutes are vampires that feast on unknowing (more like willing) men. The overt exploitation of boobs, blood, and bombshells will surely make you want to sink your teeth into this one.

                                                        "Bella Swan is a fucking pussy"

3) Raising Cain
Freak out formula: SKITZOS: NOT FUN

If there’s any comedian that can go from ferociously funny to maniacally insane, it’s John Lithgow. In director Brian De Palma’s psychological thriller he plays Dr. Carter Nix, a psychotic murderer with multiple personality disorder. He shifts personas, from a disturbed child to an abusive mother, contorting his twisted face in the process. Lithgow’s performance is a terrorizing portrait of psychosis that’s bound to make you think twice about heading to the doctor.    

                                                           This is the face of comedy

4) It
Freak out formula: NOT ALL CLOWNS ARE FUNNY

Master of horror Stephen King’s It is responsible for many an individuals’ Coulrophobia (that’s the fear of clowns in case any of you clowns were wondering). The 1990 miniseries chronicled the lives of “The Loser Club”, seven kids who are tormented by a demonic killer clown. As if caked makeup and a bulbous red nose aren’t freaky enough, this bozo has to have a predatory set of teeth. Who’s laughing now?

                                                                   This guy is
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