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The FHM Power Rankings: 10 Hottest Women Of Hollywood TV

Foreign contemporary TV tells some pretty awesome stories. Its babes? Even more awesome!
by Camille Banzon | Nov 13, 2014
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There are some pretty awesome TV shows out there. But add hot female characters and it makes primetime (and binge) viewing even more satisfyingsometimes to a point where we completely disregard plot and just focus on the longevity and screen time of these characters.

Who are these women? Here, we've rounded up and ranked a list of the women from different television shows who got our attention. From special agents to hot moms to wildly intelligent women, here's a 2014 power ranking of the dames you should look for the next time you plan to spend countless hours in front of the tube (or laptop)!

10)   Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope (

Possibly crazy factor: She can find out about your deepest darkest secrets and use it against you as she tries to rally up people who will tarnish your image. She is a Deputy Press Secretary, after all, in this political thriller that debuted in 2012. Going home late? Instead of a fluffy bed, there’s a chair, some rope, winding lights and pages of questions waiting for you, my man.  

Why we love her: It is kind of odd to find appeal from someone who has political power, but not if she looks like Kerry Washington. You know well enough that underneath that powerful image and tailored suits is a sensual lady who has the taste for the finer things in life. A true African-American beauty.  

For the guy who: Thinks he can survive a life of publicity and tons of image-breaking scandals. 

9)   Emily VanCamp as Emily Thorne (

Possibly crazy factor: It is said that Emily Thorne’s character is a modern adaptation of the protagonist of The Count of Monte Cristo so anything she does is borne out of a painful past. As the title suggests, the entire premise of this primetime drama is Emily’s quest to avenge her father and dead lover. Do something inappropriate to her, expect something wicked in return. 

Why we love her: A girl with a bloody will to succeed as she steps on her enemies is always a good ally. Not only that, but she has the face of an angel. Just think that she’s the kind of girl you can tell all your secrets to, including the ones that hurt you most. And she’ll give you the warmest, most satisfying cuddle session afterwards. Aaaw. 

For the guy who: Has deep, emotional wounds. She can make you forget all about it. (Just don't get on her vengeful side.)  

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8)   Emma Roberts as Maggie Esmeralda (
American Horror Story: Freak Show)

Possibly crazy factor: Maggie thinks she’s a fortune teller (see: picture above), but in truth, she really is a con artist. Hide your sensitive thoughts, keep your vulnerability intact and most of all, your money in secret pockets if you want to get with this girl. 

Why we love her: Since this doll face believes she is fortune teller, she’ll use this “talent” of hers to please you. Want a sandwich? She’ll know exactly which kind to make (yes, no mustard, lots of cheese, spicy mayo). Want something done to you in bed? She’ll know exactly what that is. Wink, wink. 

For the guy who: Wants to get things done for him without opening his mouth.

7)   Eva Green as Vanessa Ives (
Penny Dreadful)

Possibly crazy factor: Vanessa Ives is an “expert medium,” meaning that all kinds of evil spirits can possess her at any given time. It is safe to say that no man wants that kind of demonic level of craziness. She can speak in tongues, but not in the way you want her to. She’s also too keen for any man’s own good, not to mention that she’s clairvoyant. Imagine making out with her and she suddenly becomes Emily Rose-y all over your shit. Gaaah. 

Why we love her: There’s an attractive mystery behind her eloquence, poise, and grace. That plunging neck line hides a danger that comes along with having a thrill that many men would die to discover and experience. She’s like a dark book that you want to read page-by-page. Plus, her piercing eyes just cuts right through your soul, and she can do that literally and figuratively. 

For the guy who: Has dark and twisted fetishes. Good luck to you, mate.

6)   Sophia Vergara as Gloria Pritchett (
Modern Family)

Possibly crazy factor: Gloria is a mom, and she can be over-protective in some instances. If you’re going out with your buds, expect a text every five minutes and if you’re not bringing a car, she just might pick you up. Say goodbye to that night cap.

Why we love her: Gloria has a quirky sense of humor that can make any grumpy man soft in laughter. Aside from her sunny personality, her outstanding curves can turn men speechless and begging on their knees.

For the guy who: Wants to be put in his place. She is also a Latina and you know what they say about Latin sensuality. Also, Gloria is for the guy who is into MILFs (there, we said it).

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