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How To Enjoy That New Godzilla Movie Big Time

The new Godzilla movie opens tomorrow. Here's how you can maximize your Giant Butiki-watching experience!
by Gelo Gonzales | May 14, 2014
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Last night, May 13, FHM was lucky enough to catch the premiere screening of one of the biggest summer blockbusters of the year, Godzilla, at the SM MOA Imax Theater. The made-in-Japan monster emerged from the seas to smash cities and wrestle with equally humongous creatures in the new Hollywood adaptation directed by young filmmaker Gareth Edwards.

The end result: an audience that was clapping by the time the credits rolled. Godzilla is a massive, visually-monstrous popcorn movie romp where all you need to do is sit back, enjoy the ride, and throw your body back into the cinema chair if the action gets too in-your face. In short, it's tremendous fun!

Find out below how you can maximize the Godzilla experience you're about to get!

1) If you haven't seen the trailers, don't do it now

Part of what makes Godzilla interesting is the question "How big is he now, really?" While the 1998 adaptation was a disaster of a film, it did one thing right: It never showed the full image of Godzilla in its promotional materials. This led to tremendous hype.

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2014, understandably, is a different time, an era of instant information and oversharing. One look over at YouTube can lead to a smattering of videos that show at least 80 percent of what Godzilla will look like in the film. If you've been able to hold out and avoid seeing the giant lizard in action, just keep doing it so that when you see him in the actual film, you'll be in awe.

But if you've already gone trailer-watching and want to try and un-see Godzilla, here, maybe this picture of another movie lizard will help:

2) Watch it on IMAX

The one thing that Godzilla is known for is size. The one thing that IMAX theaters are known for is size. They're a match made in film buff heaven. Most of the time, normal cinemas will suffice. But for a movie monster that's as big as the King Lizard, you simply have to catch him/it on the King Of Cinema Screens. 

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3) Read up on Godzilla mythos

If you're already a Godzilla addict, then, good for you; the film makes a lot of references to older films and makes a lot of effort in tying up this new version with the old, man-in-a-costume movies from the '50s.

If not, do make sure to read up on Godzilla and his legend with our article here or at Godzilla knowledge repository, Wikizilla. It's always more fun to watch a movie steep in so much cinematic history armed with some knowledge. 

But if reading isn't up your alley, well, you can always catch up on Godzilla's exploits on YouTube:


Or go through this quick clip of Godzilla's monster gallery:

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