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How To Make Resident Evil Scary Again

Resident Evil has never been bigger
by Gelo Gonzales | Oct 4, 2012
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Resident Evil 6
, the latest installment in the long-running survival horror series from Capcom has been unleashed on the PS3, Xbox 360 and the PC. The highly anticipated title arrives to a legion of fans excited for scares that haven’t been felt since the old Playstation games. Unfortunately, for everyone expecting tight hallways, and creepy mansions with doors that can only be unlocked through the most unusual ways, RE6 has turned out to be a totally different monster.

The verdict: the game reaches incredibly tense moments, but by and large, this one’s an action game, more reminiscent of the movies than anything tagged as “survival horror.”

There are the usual zombies, a new breed of thinking zombies, abominations some deem the best the series has seen, and the introduction of a new virus—things that can make the lives of any survivor horror lead character a digital hell. In this iteration, it’s familiar names Chris Redfield, Leon Kennedy, Ada Wong, and Sherry Birkin living that dream along with newcomers Jake Muller, special ops-trained Piers Nivens, and secret agent Helena Harper. Their interwoven storyline spreads across three main campaigns, whilea fourth unlockable one make up the meat of the game’s global zombie/bioterrorism apocalypse story.

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RE6 takes a lot of cues from the action games of this generation, wraps all those up in a glossy package with high-production values, hoping to blow our mind. And, to an extent, it does. RE 6 is a blockbuster popcorn-movie offering that doesn’t scrimp on Michael Bay-esque explosions and climactic set-pieces. That’s its strength. Yet, that's also its weakness, because if you expect it to be the kind of horror game that gets under your skin, well, it doesn’t. But play it for what it is—the most ambitious RE game ever—and it's hard not to have fun.

If you're sore about that, well, how about we think of absurd ways to up the freak factor a notch with help from, what else, old school RE games!

1) Dramatic, suspenseful head turns

Above is the first zombie that ever tried to eat you in an RE game. Remember how scared you were then as you prayed for it not to turn its ugly head around and stare at you with those soulless eyes? Those prayers were not heard. If one zombie is scary, can you imagine an entire legion of God-knows-what slowly facing you? Friend, foe, or fiend! You'll never know until it's too late!

2) More window-hating creatures please

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