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4 Terms A Modern FPS Player Needs In His Vocabulary To Be L337

Nope, 'fire in the hole' just doesn't cut it anymore.
by Ash Mahinay | Feb 1, 2016
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While many online first-person shooters can technically claim to endorse teamwork, it’s often easy to just lone wolf your way through a deathmatch—just like how all "de_dust" games turn into shootouts rather than protecting and attacking bombsites.

But we’ve learned that playing Rainbow Six Siege on the PS4 with a solo-mindset is missing the fun. Few games let you play soldier more convincingly than Tom Clancy’s latest (R.I.P. to the man) after all.

We’ve also learned that a key component of working together rather than acting like comedy cops in this attackers vs. defenders game is voice communication. More than screaming that your "mom is a noob," it is better to learn proper terms to sound “pro” and L337 such as these four below:

1) "Operator" - A member of a special forces/counter terrorism unit

Rainbow Six is an elite force assembled from the globe’s finest operators. In this case, operator is not someone you fight on the telephone; it's a cool guy term to use instead of the generic special forces/soldier/agent. R6 has 20 operators to choose from–each with their own unique ability you must keep in mind.

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Here’s one with some Home Alone-worthy shockers.

2) "Breach" - To enter with the use of explosives

Rather than say “I’ll blow up the front door,” you can simply declare that you are “breaching” and everyone will understand that you are about to cause some fireworks—and some tasty smoke and physics effects.

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“Move bitch, get out of the way!”

3) "Flank" - To attack from an undefended direction

With the ability to burst through floors, walls, and ceilings like a machine gun-toting Kool Aid Man, it’s smart play to keep your entrance route unexpected rather than charging through the front door every single time (de_dust comes to mind again). To quickly tell your team to “use your imagination and find another way in,” simply instruct them to flank the enemy. Like here.

Or here:

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4) "Contact" - The enemy has engaged

Siege has a pre-shooting prep phase wherein defenders run around planting traps and reinforcements while the attackers drive around drones to get a handle on where the enemies are shacking up. When the bullets start to fly though, real operators call out engagements by declaring “contact second floor!”

By the way, R6 also lets you play tough chicks because we all know how good girls can be at busting our balls right??

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