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Hugh Jackman Isn't Taking Any BS In This 'Logan' Clip

Wolverine at his rawest while recording sound effects for his swan song
by John Paulo Aguilera | Mar 8, 2017
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People are already calling Logan "the best superhero movie ever made," and having seen it recently ourselves, it's quite hard to disagree with that statement.

Like its predecessor Deadpool, the film is rated R, but instead of a twisted and humorous plot, it's a cinematic masterpiece that's grim and covered in blood and guts.


Logan may have showed the Wolverine at his lowest, but the mood on set when things weren't rolling didn't have to be so depressing.

Hugh Jackman shared a behind-the-scenes video on Instagram of him looping the automated dialogue replacement for one of the movie's fight scenes. Watch the actor go from maniacal mutant to charismatic chap in a jiffy.

Behold, Wolverine, in his grunting and running (in place) glory:

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