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I Love You Phillip Morris

<p>Jim Carrey's first gay role. Yes, apparently Ace Ventura wasn't homo</p>
| Mar 25, 2010
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I Love You Phillip Morris – A true-to-life flick about the over the top escapades of a gay man who would do anything for love. Or in simpler terms, Jim Carrey in a movie. [firstpara]
Kidding aside, Jim Carrey has never found a bigger creative outlet as he does in this film. His infamous comedic antics like his traditional face morphing— are revamped to a whole new level.

Carrey not minding to look ridiculous on camera just might be the epic jewel this film possesses.

The story begins with Russell, a Texan police offer who plays the organ at their church and is happily married with his wife. The only backseat in Russell’s ambiguous life is his ongoing search for his real mother, which ultimately ends in vain.

Wanting a new lease on life, Russell leaves his job and family behind to go out into the world and be his true, flamboyant, gay self. He goes to Miami, dates a European hunk, and defies the law.

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Where’s Phillip Morris in the plot, you ask? He is ridiculously played by Aussie man Ewan McGregor, who after meeting Russell in prison, ends up falling in love with each other. And there goes, as Jim Carrey exemplifies, Russell’s desperate attempts to win Phillip’s heart.

We don’t want to go further with the fine points, but the film is as gay as it can possibly get. And by gay, we mean “it’s so explicit it can’t even snag a decent distributor” gay.

The film has been on the stands since late last year, but hasn’t had a proper cinema run until early last month. I Love You Phillip Morris has only grossed $5,228,623 as of March 2010. It is yet to be released in the United States.

Not one of the most wholesome Jim Carrey flicks you will ever see in your life, but it sure deserves a decent viewing. Russell and Phillip has several moments that would make you squeal with awkward laughter for acting too homo. Even the gayest of the gay community doesn’t act that way; that much we know.

The downside though is its predictability after the plot is settled on the mat. After seeing how and why Russell ended up in prison, the rest of the movie is a tad bit too foreseeable.

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Add to that the inevitable drag factor. Still, how Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor looks and acts is already humorous in itself. Outside of Dumb and Dumber, this has got to be Jim Carrey at his ugliest, but his performance is the exact opposite.

I Love You Phillip Morris isn’t the audience friendly type of film; but then again, aren’t all award-winning films?

Watch the trailer of I Love You Phillip Morris:


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