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If 'Space Jam 2' Was Based On The PBA, Who Should Replace LeBron?

Let's give the MMFF film producers some ideas
by Ash Mahinay | Sep 20, 2018
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Space Jam 2 has been confirmed at last and, as expected, we’ve got LeBron James taking over for MJ. The other notable announcement so far is that Black Panther director Ryan Coogler will be the producer for the film. Shooting will begin next NBA offseason so don’t expect to see this film probably until 2020. No word on who gets their powers stolen yet, but everyone expects the Warriors to play the villains (just like in real life).

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In the meantime, let’s add to the fan casting possibilities: if Space Jam was set in the PBA (in an alternate timeline where the NBA collapsed due to a Pinoy boycott), who do you think would best fit in the star role?

June Mar Fajardo

Basically a test shot of June Mar with a cartoon animal

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Big, game-changing, and generally lovable, June Mar going from humble nice guy baller na di nakikisali sa clash to savior of the planet would be a feel-good movie for the ages. The only problem is he’d also be the primary target for some ability—stealing by the Monstars so we’re torn on that.

Calvin Abueva

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Not GOAT material but he’s the physical embodiment of puso and you know how Pinoys love an underdog story.

Mark Caguioa

Already looking like a Looney Tune here

Because #NSD. Mark's Secret Stuff is revealed to be gin bilog in a post-credits scene.

Terrence Romeo

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Bromeo would be the flashiest possible option but also the most…problematic. Peak TR7 sales and glory ball plays would both increase by 200% afterwards and Space Jam 2 is banned from release in Australia.

Jimmy Alapag

Yup, he’s retired but so was Jordan in Space Jam–the parallels are real. At the very least, he could totally be the supporting character who joins the game (to a massive pop from the crowd) at the last minute after we run out of players due to the inevitable cheating of the opponents.

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Gerald Anderson

A last-minute acquisition by the Mahindra Enforcers Kia Picantos Columbian Dyip enables MPBL legend Gerald Anderson to star in Space Jam 2! A Star Cinema production, directed by Bb. Joyce Bernal.

Benjie Paras

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The man is literally an actor and a basketball player, what more could you ask for from Papa Bear?

Jordan Clarkson

The true correct choice if you want to crowd please. In a massive twist, he actually joins the PBA to save his "homeland" in the film—and then proceeds to blueball us about the possibility IRL for the next three years without anything actually happening.

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