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<p>A bigger Hulk is back...minus the emotional baggage</p>
| Jun 4, 2008
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Who? Edward Norton (moody), Liv Tyler (pouty), Tim Roth (spooky), William Hurt (cranky)
What’s it about? Sure, 2003’s Hulk raked millions in the box office—but it went away without much fanfare. Like a so-so summer fling, it headed towards one direction: Eric Bana—swollen; nice shirt—torn; Jennifer Connelly—doe-eyed; one year later: Forgotten. In Louis Leterrier’s The Incredible Hulk, everyone’s hoping they’ll have better luck and at least a lingering clamor. Kind of like how Spiderman or even Hellboy did. Now more similar to the old comic book-based TV series, this flick stars Edward Norton. This time, Norton’s character (Bruce Banner) is battling a stranger kind of multiple personality disorder. Must be embarrassing for Betty Ross (Tyler) to date a man who spontaneously blows up five times his size and turns green every time the waiter presents the bill.
What’s good about it? It’s old-school Hulk and none of that angsty green freak. Just the big green hysterical superhero whom we could hug after his tantrums.
What’s bad about it? It’s a letdown for those expecting a “darker” Hulk. - Rhea Catada

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