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TEASER: 'Incredibles 2' Might Be Better Than 'Justice League'

The patience of the film's biggest fans is finally rewarded
by John Paulo Aguilera | Nov 20, 2017
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Amid the growing consensus that Justice League is a letdown, fans of superhero movies still have a lot to look forward to in the heavily scrutinized genre.

If you haven't noticed yet, Deadpool 2 is winning the marketing game through a series of painting-related bizarreness. More good news: the wait is over for the first official sneak peek to The Incredibles sequel, arguably one of Pixar's most loved feature films.

The animated blockbuster, which introduced us to a family of superheroes supposedly living a low-key life was released 13 years ago and became an instant classic. Over the weekend, the patience of the film's devotees was rewarded with a heartwarming clip of Bob 'Mr. Incredible' Parr just being a proud dad upon discovering baby Jack-Jack's powers.



We still love Gal Gadot, though...

Incredibles 2 hits theaters June 15, 2018


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