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FHM's Independence Day Moviethon: Blood And (Dead) Bodies Everywhere This Long Weekend

Are you in for some action-packed carnage?
by John Paulo Aguilera | Jun 12, 2015
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While most of us are relishing the long weekend because of the Independence Day holiday, let's also not forget the real essence of the date June 12.

A given fact, most—if not all—nations had to go through revolutions and bloodshed before claiming full sovereignty. In our case, there had already been two years of local uprising against the Spanish reign when the Philippines' first declaration of freedom happened in Kawit, Cavite. Death toll was still unmeasured during that time and people who gave their lives for that cause had dismally gone down as just collateral damage in history books.

In light of this, FHM came up with a list of movies about people fighting for freedom that had considerable figures in the kills department, with the help of Movie Body, a website tallying every single on-screen casualty.

Are you up for the bloodiest movie marathon ever? Sugod sa sofa, mga kapatid!

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Video via M K M Ishihara

This Clint Eastwood-helmed film about Japanese-American hostilities may not have the numbers to stack up to the other movies in this list, but in terms of storyline and ways to die, Letters From Iwo Jima certainly stands among the best. It may have all the necessary, deadly elements of a war film—raids, skirmishes, and ambushes—but ultimately, its suicide sequence could perhaps be the most scarring. (Not really for the weak-hearted.)

Body count: 84


Video via Paramount Movies

Not too long ago, Mel Gibson had donned some war paint and starred in a medieval biopic based on Blind Harry's poem The Wallace about Scottish freedom fighter William Wallace. The film's landmark scene—The Battle of Stirling—resulted in a victory for the Scots over the English, a bloody Gibson face, and countless dead horses. Will we be witnessing an increase in casualties in the upcoming "unofficial sequel," starring Tom Hiddleston?

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Body count: 184

RAMBO (2008)

Video via MOVIECLIPS Classic Trailers 

Long before he had a not-so-expendable crew, Sly Stallone had been flying solo under this moniker, which also reminded Filipinos of an archaic slipper brand. (Which came first? The flip-flops or the action movie hero?) Although four movies have already been made about the Vietnam War vet, Rambo's finest on-screen killing spree came in the last, 26 years after the first movie, First Blood, was shown.

Body count: 247


Video via thecultbox

Few films have the distinction of being able to leave an impression with its opening scene, and this war drama is unarguably one of those. Just the fact that director Steven Spielberg more than nailed the portrayal of the Omaha Beach assault, which until now is widely regarded as the most realistic representation of war, says it all.

Body count: 255


Video via Paramount Movies

Another Gibson sighting; The controversial director-slash-trailer-bomber puts himself in the shoes of a US army lieutenant colonel (Hal Moore) leading a platoon at the Battle of la Drang. At the end of the movie, Moore is credited for the death of over 1,800 Vietnamese troops. But why only 305 according to MovieBodyCounts? That we do not know... Or maybe because 1,800 is just plain unrealistic even for a two-hour film.

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