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Meet The Suicide Squad: A Rather Early Primer On Hollywood’s Soon-To-Be-Adored Supervillains

Here's an introduction to next year's villain extravaganza.
by Ali Aslanbaigi | May 11, 2015
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In the past few weeks, we were treated with delectable photos of the cast of David Ayer's Suicide Squad movie. It's a star-studded ensemble with the likes of Jai Courtney, Margot Robbie, Will Smith and Jared frickin' Leto putting their names in the super-hero (villain) stew.

Suicide Squad is relatively obscure because not everyone knows half of the team members. In Marvel terms, it's like going from Iron Man 2 to Guardians of the Galaxy right away.
It takes a lot of balls to be building your cinematic universe on a bunch of nobodies and lower-tiered thugs, unbelievably sexy psychopaths, and assassins; a team created by the US government to perform black-ops missions with very low chances of survival in exchange for the possibility to shorten their sentence.

Oh and if any of them decide to make a run for it, their heads explode. So to make your moviegoing experience  easier when the film opens in August 2016, here is FHM's (rather early) primer on this band of baddies:


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BIO: Rick Flagg is an army official tapped by the government to lead the Suicide Squad also known as Task Force X. Despite his resentment of working with metahuman criminals (especially Deadshot), he takes on the role of being the go-to guy for the love of his country. Also, it's only fitting that the patriotic army guy is named Flagg.

He has mastered using every vehicle in the military: cars, tanks, boats, planes, etc. If the army had a skateboard, you'd be sure that Flagg would be rocking the SSBSTS in the barracks. He is also an excellent combatant and a tactical expert who comes up with extremely unorthodox but highly effective strategies.

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TO BE PLAYED BY: Joel Kinnaman aka Robocop 2.0


BIO: Floyd Lawton is a supreme marksman with almost superhuman hand-eye coordination. He is considered to be one the of world's most skilled and effective assassins-for-hire. Talk about bang for your buck!
He also has a daughter named Zoe which he supports with the money he makes from contracts. We think that Will Smith is the perfect guy for the role. Think of him as a cross between Chris Gardner and Mike Lowry.

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TO BE PLAYED BY: The guy from I Am Legend.


BIO: June Moon was a humble artist who unfortunately stumbled upon a secret passage into a room that held a demon. The demon would then grant her magic powers...typical, yes but it gets better! With the word "Enchantress," June would transform into a powerful witch with massive magical abilities. But with that much magical juice running in her system, she eventually snapped and led a life of evil. She is hands down, the most powerful member of the team but also the most unstable.    

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TO BE PLAYED BY: The world's favorite alt-supermodel, Cara Delevingne


BIO: Despite looking like an out-of-work flight attendant, Digger Harkness is one of the Flash's well-known Rogues and is a long-standing member of Task Force X. His use of trick boomerangs (think Batarang) allow him to hold his own when fighting. His blatant racism, short fuse and an itchy trigger, erm, boomerang finger keeps everyone on the team on edge so it should be interesting how that's portrayed in the movie.

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TO BE PLAYED BY: Buff dude Jai Courtney from that Spartacus TV show.


BIO: Dr. Harleen Quinzel could quite possibly be the most popular Batman villain (yup, she's a doctor) not to have first appeared in a comic book. She used to be a psychiatrist in Arkham Asylum but her constant sessions with the Joker has caused her to fall madly in love with him, eventually leaving her career behind in order to join her "puddin.'"

Don't let the well-toned badongkadonk fool you—she is a homicidal maniac. Despite being a mainstay, she is the most underestimated member of Task Force X which plays to her advantage. She's done the horizontal mambo with team member Deadshot so it should be fairly interesting how Mr. J would react to that.

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TO BE PLAYED BY: Margot Robbie, for whom we wrote a primer last week.


BIO: Arguably DC's most iconic villain, the Joker is the cherry on top of the SS Sundae. We all know what this kook is capable of so let's talk about what his role in the movie could be. The Suicide Squad is composed of incarcerated villains who agree to carry out orders. Do you seriously think the J-man would do such a thing? The Joker could even be the main baddie of the film, thus making the team find and kill him, forcing Harley to choose between a reduced sentence or be in an unhealthy relationship with her true love.

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TO BE PLAYED BY: A guy who's gravitated toward roles that require heavy make-up and fancy costumes, Jared Leto.

Suicide Squad is a nice breath of fresh air in this post-Avengers world we live in. Everyone has their own agenda, and you never know when you'll get stabbed in the back (or front).  No true-blue heroes, no caped altruists or aliens who didn't wake up on the bad side of the bad. These are a team of killers looking out to save their own necks. We can't wait!

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