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<p>A movie about Nelson Mandela's love for balls. Just kidding</p>
| Feb 18, 2010
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God bless Morgan Freeman for playing the same old source-of-an-inspiration character role. It’s been a long time coming for Freeman to play Mandela and finally did so in this heartwarming, gut wrenching film about the unifying power of sports.

Invictus centers on the life of Nelson Mandela
, fresh from his first term as the South African president. Nelson’s election caused turmoil among the apartheid nation, due to flashes of racism and unforgotten oppression.

The one thing he saw that could unite the nation was the Rugby Team led by Francois Pienaar, played by the ultimate man-crush, Matt Damon. The film’s plot strikes a challenge that is relatively short and sweet: win the world cup, bring the nation together.

Directed by Oscar-winning director Clint Eastwood, the film Invictus is based on a novel by John Carlin. Direk Eastwood more often than not inflicts drama on most of his movies (we wept, wept, wept at the end of Million Dollar Baby), but this film demands tears of joy from everyone. We didn’t spoil anything now, did we?

Clint though, has the tendency to under animate actors not named Damon or Freeman. The immense scenes could have used more color (like field commentators or really good rugby players). But try getting intimate with the plot, and as a result the film’s faults won’t matter at all.

The bond between Mandela and Pienaar and their love for the country goes to different heights, which bestows touching scenes all throughout the movie. We are talking about South Africa, a nation enduring struggles up to this day. Mandela’s efforts are wonderfully depicted; a somewhat feel-good notion of assuring the people that there is a resolution to their problem.

Invictus is a favorite among awards shows, with Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon possibly scoring best actor and best supporting actor nods. The film can be so stirring that you’re gonna wanna visit Wikipedia and type “Nelson Mandela” afterwards. All in all, it’s a good watch; a good waste of time.

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