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Just My Luck

<font size="1">Lindsay gives us reason to watch a teenybopper flick<br /></font>
| Jun 30, 2006
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Stars: Lindsay Lohan, Chris Pine
The lovely Lohan is Ashley, young yuppie fresh out of college who’s been livin’ a fluke life, but taking the luck for granted. The story would have been boring if it ended here, so the twist: She goes to one costume party, smooches a chap, swapping her windfall with hard luck. Rom-coms are, yes, very cheesy but if Lindsay’s on the bill, that’s a different story.

- It’s Lindsay’s biggest paycheck to date. A whopping $7.5 mil!

- Chris Pine plays the role of a music manager in the film, overseeing a band played by Brit pop-rockers McFly (Danny Jones, Tom Fletcher, Dougie Poynter and Harry Judd). The band played two live concerts, which were filmed for use in the movie.

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