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Kate Beckinsale Hasn't Aged A Bit In 'Underworld: Blood Wars' Trailer

Maybe she's a real-life vampire
by John Paulo Aguilera | Sep 8, 2016
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There are two kinds of mainstream vampire film buffs.

Some fancy a story centered on romance a la the Twilight series, while others thirst for blood and action seen in Underworld films.

We're unapologetically the latter.


It's been four years since the last Underworld movie (Underworld: Awakening) and we still can't get over the sight of Selene—played by Kate Beckinsale—pulling off all sorts of stunts in a skin-tight latex catsuit.

The latest trailer of the upcoming installment of the vampire film series, titled Underworld: Blood Wars, has just been released and Kate, at 43, is still looking as fine as hell.

Add to her ageless appeal the fact that she is kicking all sorts of ass.

We're seriously convinced that she may very well be a real-life bloodsucker.

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