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Kathryn Bernardo Shows Off Parkour Skills In New Movie Teaser

Teen queen Kathryn Bernardo shows off her newfound athleticism.
by Gelo Gonzales | Feb 5, 2015
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You're a real man, and you don't care for no cheesy, stinkin' rom-com...

...Unless of course it involves teen-queen Kathryn Bernando. Because Kathryn Bernardo is just so lovely, and because few girls can make us feel like an adolescent falling in love for the first time again.

And apparently, she now does parkour as the trailer below for her new movie, Crazy Beautiful You, proves.

The teaser, released on YouTube last Tuesday, Febuary 3, 2015, features that mythical "first meeting" between boy and girl. In the film's case, that happens in a wet market, where Kathryn's phone gets snatched as her forever screen-partner Daniel Padilla looks on like a lovesick puppy. (For the record, that's also how we look like whenever we're looking at Kathryn.) 

The snatcher doesn't get too far though as Kathryn has newfound athleticism which she puts to good use in tracking down the criminal. Watch it here:

Video via ABS-CBN Star Cinema

Here's a quick GIF recap

Kathryn chats on the phone the only way she knows how—that is, stunningly.

Kathryn does the slow-mo eye roll. We all melt.

Kathryn demonstrates the perils of using a phone in a wet market...

And pulls out Philippine cinema's most glorious "Holy shit my phone just got stolen" face.

The unfortunate series of events leads to Kathryn busting out the parkour moves, and bum-rushes the snatcher, while showing us a glimpse of her toned midsection. Kathryn Bernardo, action star?

She gets her phone back, and we end with the industry's cutest pissed-off face today:

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