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Don't Want To Sleep Tonight? Watch This Short Horror Film On YouTube

This short horror film has caused us many sleepless nights since we watched it. That's why we're passing it onto you and sharing it with you, our beloved readers.
by Gelo Gonzales | Mar 24, 2014
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 Are you easily scared? Do you regularly pee your pants whenever you hear the word "Sadako?" Are you still afraid of zombies?

If you said yes to all of these nosy questions, then the film below is not for you.

Normally, we go to YouTube for its cute cats and other sorts of people-created hilarity, but as the short film below directed by Swedish animator and filmmaker David F. Sandberg demonstrates, the video site can also elicit genuine terror in us. Called Lights Out, the two-minute short film shows a woman getting ready for bed, and preparing to call it a night...when suddenly, things happen.

Watch it for yourself, brave soul.

The film, an entry to a U.K.-based horror film competition, the Who's There Film Challenge, brilliantly utilizes some classic horror movie techniques and a setting that's common for all of us. Add the elements together and we have a horrific quickie that's going to make some of us scream in terror, and sleep with the lights on for a few nights, at the very least.   

Get ready to be scared:

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