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Little Miss Sunshine

One family's road trip is your laugh trip!<br />
| Dec 11, 2006
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Stars: Steve Carrell, Toni Collette, Greg Kinnear, Abigail Breslin
A huge indie hit in Yanksville, Little Miss Sunshine is a family road-trip slash laugh-fest that shatters all stereotypes of eliciting bellyaches from filmgoers. This flick introduces probably one of the most satirical but endearingly fractured celluloid family ever, the Hoovers.

And believe us when we say this, there may never be a family that can measure up to this gang's zaniness.
Father Richard (Kinnear), a hopelessly optimistic motivational speaker, is desperately attempting to sell his nine-step program for success without much success. While mother Sheryl (Collette) tries hard not to be affected by her family’s eccentric secrets, especially those of her brother (Carrell), a suicidal scholar fresh out of the hospital after being jilted by his gay lover. Add to that paternal grandpa, a foul-mouthed pleasure-seeker recently kicked out of his retirement home for snorting heroin.

The younger Hoovers are at the center of it all, having their own dreams away from their family’s inanities. Oldest Dwayne is an angst-fueled, Nietzsche-reading teen who has taken a staunch vow of silence until he gets into the Air Force Academy while four-eyed, slightly plump, seven year-old Olive’s (Breslin) aspirations of becoming a beauty queen spearheads the family’s trek cross-country.

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And when a fluke gets her into the fiercely competitive “Little Miss Sunshine” competition, the whole clan rallies behind her, piling into their rusted-out VW bus and unto a three-day madcap journey filled with surprises. Olive’s big debut, however, tests the tie that binds their family in ways they had never expected.

Release: December 13

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