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'Me Before You' Is Not As Bad As You Think

You’ll go in smugly saying, ‘Sige na nga samahan na kita.’ You’ll go out angrily saying, ‘Hindi ako umiiyak, napuwing lang ako!’
by Rey de la Cruz Jr. | Jun 17, 2016
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If you've gone to the cinemas in recent weeks, then you've probably seen the trailer for the romantic movie Me Before You. C'mon, you know what I'm talking about. It's the one that plays a cheesy Ed Sheeran song that never fails to draw an "Awww" from your girlfriend everytime she sees it. And from the very first time she did that you probably thought to yourself, "Patay, sigurado kakaladkarin niya ko para panuorin to. Lalaban ako, hindi ako magpapahuli ng buhay!" Well guess what buddy? That time has finally come. Remember all those times that you dragged her to see all three Expendables movies? She definitely does. And now it's payback time.

Her smile says "I love you" but her eyes say
"Sasamahan mo ba ako manuod o hindi?"

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Look, if you're in a relationship it's inevitable that you'll be watching this. Wag ka nang lumaban, tanggapin mo na lang. Therefore I might as well let you know what you're getting into, right? The good news, however, is that it's actually not as bad as you expect it to be. In fact if you give it a chance, you might find yourself even liking it.

The movie, based on the best-selling novel by Jojo Moyes and directed by Thea Sharrock, tells the love story of Louisa Clark and Will Traynor. Louisa is a down-on-her-luck country girl who is forced to take on odd jobs to make ends meet. She's played by Emilia Clarke, yes that very same Emilia Clarke who's currently busy being a mother to dragons in the HBO hit series Game of Thrones.

You'll never see Daenerys Targaryen the same way again after this

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But if you're expecting her to be that feisty and fierce Queen of castrated soldiers we've all known her to be, I'm sorry to tell you that you're watching the wrong flick. Her character in this movie couldn't be any further from her "Khaleesi" persona. In this film, she plays a sweet and kindhearted girl who's trademark characteristic is how awful she dresses. Imagine mo kung may lola si Jollibee. He doesn't have one of course, but just play along. And then imagine kung paano magdadamit yung lola ni Jollibee. Ganun. It sounds ridiculous but that's EXACTLY how she dresses. If a '90s era Jolina Magdangal saw her sasabihin niya, "grabe ang baduy mag-damit ng babaeng to." Ganun katindi.

Wouldn't you steal a glance if you were
seated to someone who looks like that? 

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Will Traynor (played by Sam Claflin of Hunger Games fame) on the other hand, is a rich and "live life to the fullest" type of person who unfortunately becomes a quadriplegic after getting into a motorcycle accident. Louisa, who is desperate for any job that pays, ends up being his nursemaid. Her positive outlook in life is in stark contrast to Will's bleak view of the world so they naturally don't get along. Eventually, they find that they have more things in common than they initially thought and a romance starts to develop. So basically parang 'yung relationship ni Cedie ang munting prinsipe at ang lolo niya but with a romantic angle. I'll leave it to you to find what the conflict is and figure out how the movie ends.

Me Before You being a love story means that there's a certain sappiness to it. But it's also surprisingly very funny. Being a British production, it has that dry English humor that works really well for the movie. It has a lot of laugh out loud moments which I totally did not expect. This mostly has to do with the charismatic leads of the film. Even though they obviously made an effort to make Emilia Clark look less glamorous in this movie, it's hard not to fall for her character because she's just so warm and positive. She's someone you'd love to take home to meet your mother. (Tapos sasabihin ng nanay mo, "Tanga ka pag pinakawalan mo yan, anak!")


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As for Sam Clalfin, he plays the role of the grumpy asshole well but doesn't play it to the point that you'd actually hate him. Aside from his acting, I think you can credit the writing for that as well. Movies that tackle the same subject matter—living with a handicap, living in pain—usually crank up the melodrama. This movie doesn't do that. Some people might consider that a missed opportunity to tackle deeper and darker topics like pain and depression; but Me Before You seems content in telling an uplifting love story despite the tragedy that surrounds it.

He can't stand up but he can still steal your girl

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When I saw this in the movie house, more than half the population of the audience was female. That's to be expected since the movie caters to them more than it does to men. But when the end credits started rolling and the lights came on, it was actually surprising to see a few guys wiping tears from their eyes as well. There's nothing wrong with that. Sabi nga nila ang tunay na lalaki may soft side.

But although your girlfriend would appreciate seeing your sensitive side, the rest of the world doesn't have to know that you cried while an Ed Sheeran song played in the background. So my advice to you is to open your eyes as wide as possible just when the tears are about to fall so that you can stop them from falling. Dilat na dilat, parang tarsier na uminom ng kape. That's what girls do when they don't want to ruin their makeup. Or you can always go with the classic alibi: "Hindi ako umiiyak, napuwing lang ako!" and just hope for the best.

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7.5/10. Although it's nothing groundbreaking, it's a date movie that's surprisingly funny despite the subject matter. Take your girlfriend out to see it. I'm sure she's tired of seeing superheroes beat up each other.


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