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Meet the Women of Sucker Punch

<p>Really, you don't wanna mess with these girls</p>
by Gelo Gonzales | Mar 24, 2011
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Here at FHM HQ we are obsessed with anything and everything that has to do with action, gun slinging and above all else smoking hot babes. [firstpara]

Well, don’t fret friends because Zack Snyder puts all of the above in his new film, Sucker Punch. As though that's not enough, he gives us an extra: wraps everything up with a mind-bending bow. 

If you’re a comic book reader or videogame fanatic, this film is perfect for tickling that inner-geek. Snyder rose to fame when he directed the adaptations of, erm, graphic novels (comics in regular parlance) 300 and Watchmen. And now with Sucker Punch, Snyder plays around with his fetishist side and brings the scantily clad women and the ball-busting action to the forefront.

The epic action-cum-adventure-cum-fantasy tells the story of Baby Doll (Emily Browning of A Series of Unfortunate Events fame), a girl who is locked up against her will and is forced to deal with her demons through a different realm of mind.

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The lines of fantasy and reality are blurred as Baby Doll learns to manipulate her very own perception of the world. Together with four other hotties, she must fight for her freedom and escape the evil clutches of their captors. Guns and swords in hand they battle everything from samurais to dragons.

If we’ve come to learn anything about Snyder’s work, then this one is definitely going to be a treat of feast-fucking proportions. Visual and aural assaults are to be expected. But of course, focusing on the eye candy is what we do best. So here we present to you the women of Sucker Punch who can both kick your ass and make you melt all at once. The movie opens internationally this Friday, March 25. We hope you drool.



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