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Men in Black 3: 10 Of Our Fave Dynamic Duos

Two heads: still better than one
by Gelo Gonzales | May 24, 2012
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A decade has passed since the last installment of the Men In Black franchise. The third and newest of the lot opened in theaters last Wednesday and Will Smith has gotten older and Tommy Lee Jones is still, well, pretty old.

Agent J and Agent K, everyone’s favorite alien policing duo, is back to solve more interplanetary criminal activity. In Men in Black 3, an old nemesis of Agent K named Boris the Animal has escaped from a lunar maximum-security prison. The unlawful extraterrestrial bends the time-space continuum by traveling back in time and killing Agent K. The disruption causes a rift in history and Agent J must time-jump back to the swinging 60s to save his partner and the planet.

Much of the success of this action comedy franchise can be attributed to the unlikely chemistry of Smith and Jones. Smith is the young, wisecracking deviant, while Jones takes on the stoic and matured authoritative figure.

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The odd couple formula has been the catalyst for many buddy/bromantic Hollywood outings. Pairing two polar opposites that actually have a lot more in common than they realize can generate laugh out loud entertainment. It has been tried and tested. Here, we’ve come up with some of our favorite dynamic duos for your reading pleasure. Chime in on the comments section below and share with us those character pairings that had you bust a nut from laughter.

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