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Mga Anak Ni Janice: 9 Pint-Sized Horrors of Cinema

Horror flick <em>Devil's Due</em> got us thinking about all the little guys who made grown men like us cry in fear! &nbsp;
by Anton D. Umali | Mar 18, 2014
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When it comes to horror flicks, sometimes size does matter.

Giants like Godzilla, King Kong, and Ghostbusters’ Stay Puft Marshmallow Man inflict a grander kind of fear–the kind that makes you want to take cover, hide underground, and evacuate your congested city. But when the source of scares is something much smaller than the average human being, the frights it can induce are much more chilling.

These tiny creatures could attack you mid-dump from the toilet, pop out of the cupboard as you grab that midnight snack, or even peep right behind your shoulder as you read this. I-check mo dali!

Devil’s Due, which opens in cinemas today, is the latest supernatural thriller to deal with a miniature monster wreaking havoc. When newlyweds Zach and Samantha return from their honeymoon in the Dominican Republic, Sam finds out that she’s pregnant.

Strange things start to happen as her pregnancy progresses: She gains super strength, shoves raw meat down her trap at the grocery, and all signs start pointing to the fact that Beelzebub’s bebe is busting out of her vagina.

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