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Get A Load Of Mon Confiado's Movie Transformation Photos

Sorry haters, the award-winning actor says his pictures aren’t fake
by Khatrina Bonagua | Jun 1, 2018
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Mon Confiado’s transformation photos are currently trending on Facebook.

The viral posts feature behind the scenes snaps from movies he's starred in, such as Iisa (2015) and The Diplomat Hotel (2013).

For the movie IIsa, Confiado shared that he had to get suntanned, lose a lot of weight, and shave his hair.

“We as actors, have to not only memorize pages and pages of lines and say them, but we also have to dive deeper into emotions in order for those words we memorized to seem real and authentic, from changing our appearances, speeches, mannerisms, nuances to better adapt to a character,” he said. “Professionalism, dedication and sacrifices are very much required.”

On the other hand, for the film The Diplomat Hotel, he also had to lose weight and shave his head. He also trained himself to do a weird body slouch posture for 3 weeks, have a deeper speaking voice, and he even slept in the Diplomat Hotel ruins during the entire shooting.

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Another popular post from the award-winning actor is his transformation into a taong grasa for a role.




In an interview with, Confiado reveals why he started sharing these behind-the-scenes character transformation stories on his Facebook wall.

“I always share my behind the scenes pictures," he explains. "I always document on my Facebook and Instagram whenever I start preparing for a role. I just re-shared the posts recently because I want to inspire people and let people know na malalim din naman ang mga Filipino actors. We are passionate and dedicated to our craft.”

The photos were well-received by netizens—in fact, over 18,000 Facebook users liked his Diplomat Hotel posts. The comments section has nothing but praises for the character actor. But of course, there are some who claim that the photos are edited and that the person in the pictures is not Confiado at all.

May mga comments kasi na edited daw, or hindi daw ako yun,” he says. “Trivia lang, karamihan nung mga character na ginampanan ko, no make up. Real suntanned. And kung kailangan mag make up, ako nag-aayos sa sarili ko.”

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He adds that he always stays at the location of where the shooting takes place. “Kahit sa bangketa pa, squatter, gubat, or bundok pa yan, I immerse myself there.”

It seems like Confiado has done every role imaginable. And when asked if he still has a dream role, the actor humbly answers: “My feeling is I'm just starting. I have no dream roles. But the challenge for me is, how to make my characters come alive, and how to make my performances different from the earlier ones.”

Aside from being busy shooting for the much-awaited Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral (he plays Emilio Aguinaldo), Confiado also has his hands full doing international films. “Recently, I just finished the film Stateside shot in LA, where I play the lead role. I play a homeless Filipinos in the US. A few weeks ago, I finished an American film called White Knight, shot in the Philippines with the American actor, Lev Gorn. I was also a guest in numerous episodes of NatGeo's Locked Up Abroad. Now, I'm filming a big Korean film with big Korean superstars, and I got the Filipino lead role. Soon, we're cooking up another new American film.”

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