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Movie aliens attack 'Pinas!

<p>The battle for inter-planetary supremacy is on!</p>
| Aug 27, 2009
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It's always the Big Apple they're tormenting them movie aliens. How better will they fare against America's brown warrior-brothers from the Pearl of the Orient? We let our imagination run wild...

Martians, Mars Attacks (1996)
In this B-movie parody of alien movies, Martians that look like a bulging brain with a set of oversized, protruding eyes and greenish complexion invade earth. They appear ridiculous more than they are menacing, true, but that doesn't mean they have no the mean streak keep up with the bad-ass reps of the others aliens on this list.

The most important thing to keep in mind when dealing with these monstrosities from Mars is to run away the moment they say "we come in peace." In this widely panned Tim Burton creation, we learn via scientific translation that the Martians' big brains are wired for deception. Which can also be said about some of our noted politicians. 

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The invaders are eventually defeated by playing music from the '50s. Silly, yes. But don't you just wish we could trash trapos for good the same way?

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