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THE BIG VERDICT: Juana Change The Movie Is Big On Laughs And Perverted Politicos

Internet comedienne Juana Change stars in legitimatelly funny, and legitimatelly enlightening political satire
by Abby Mendoza | Jun 4, 2013
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"Change is good" is a rusty cliché usually uttered by individuals about to embrace something new in their lives. Sometimes, it is a personal decision. But in some cases, change is instigated by an extreme outside force—an experience, a witnessing of something that moves an individual so strongly that he takes action, maybe to change the lives around him or at least to raise awareness.

At its core, Juana C. The Movie is an attempt to be that "extreme outside force."  It's a movie that makes sure-handed statements about an apathetic society that lets its dishonest government get away with its perverted ways. By confronting the apolitical part of our society, the film carries the power to affect its audience with a sentiment it feels strongly for, and educates them with what it knows and thinks must be done.

Serious stuff, no?

In spite of how we make it sound, Juana C. The Movie is not a grave, glum political documentary (thankfully). Award-winning director Jade Castro’s (Zombadings, Endo) film veers away from the serious tone. Instead, it makes use of camp humor to connect with a Filipino audience weaned on mainstream cinema’s brand of comedy. But unlike the annoying Wenn Deramas brand of exaggerated comedy found in a few of the “highest-grossing movies in the history of Philippine cinema,” Juana C. is written with substance and tasteful wit. It is “irreverent but relevant,” in the words of its screen play writer Rody Vera, a testament that a Filipino film can be entertaining and sensible at the same time.

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Juana C. The Movie’s plot hilariously narrates the journey of its anti-hero, Juana Change, a naïve provincial lass sent by her folks to a top university in Manila. She gets mixed with the wrong set of friends, who expose her to debauchery and lascivious activities. Then—gasp!—she becomes a plus-size, first-class escort girl. This newfound "calling" though eventually gives her access to a high-rolling clientele: corrupt politicians.

Check out the movie's trailer below:

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