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Glaiza De Castro's Movie Roles That Prove She's A Rockin' Chick

This woman can do just about anything
by Emmanuel Calingacion | Aug 14, 2018
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Another successful and fruitful Cinemalaya 2018 has come and gone, and we wish we can watch all those films all over again. One movie that resonated with moviegoers was ‘Liway,’ eventually winning the Audience Choice Award for Best Full-Length Feature Film and garnering a Special Jury Commendation. It stars Glaiza de Castro as the titular lead of this based-on-true-events Marcos era film, alongside Dominic Roco, and child star Kenken Nuyad.

On their gala night, however, last August 9, Glaiza was surprised by the crowd’s appreciation for their film.

Hindi ko ma-explain kung paano at anong nangyari, ang suryal lang,” Glaiza wrote in a video post she uploaded on Instagram that same day.

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In the video, she presumably hugged the real Commander Liway, the mother of the director of the film, Dakip “Kip” Oebanda.

There is no doubt that Glaiza is a multi-faceted actress who can pull off just about any character she portrays. Whether she’s the villainess or the heroine, you can’t help but root for her. So here are some of the most noteworthy and powerful roles that make us cheer on this rockin' chick.

Sleepless (2015)

Glaiza plays a call center agent named Gem who befriends newcomer Barry, played by Dominic Roco. Both are lonely and can’t sleep, so together, they find ways to kill time until the sun comes up. Glaiza is the glue that holds this poignant yet playful romantic comedy together with her undeniable charm and acting prowess, switching from one emotion after the other.

Coming Soon (2013)

This movie features a cast of six friends that are totally different characters in their own right. But they unite in misadventures of living young, wild, and free despite their own problems. Glaiza plays Sab, a controlled girl hiding her wild side, who may or may not be confused about her sexuality.

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i-Libings (2011)

This is a rather (literally) outside-the-box sort of film as Glaiza plays Isabel, an OJT videographer of funerals for those relatives and friends who can’t be at the interment themselves. It’s pretty funny how Glaiza seems self-aware at how silly but sort of realistic her character is. She definitely gives this film life. Yes, pun intended.


Rakenrol (2011)

As the title suggests, it’s about the rock-n-roll music scene in the Philippines. Glaiza plays Irene, the love interest of Odie, the main character of the movie. She’s supposedly the one who influences him into loving rock music and eventually forming a band. Here, Glaiza’s evident love for and talent in rock-n-roll is on full display. Not only did she sing her heart out, but our heart sank with Odie’s for her, too.

Astig (2009)

Glaiza this time plays a fragile Elgine, the younger sister of Sid Lucero’s Baste. Her character ends up giving her virginity in a dingy motel room to Ariel, played by Dennis Trillo. Her face after the deed was priceless, and she leaves that experience with her life drastically altered. Glaiza perfectly conveys this emotion and feeling of helplessness and insecurity.

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Still Life (2007)

This might be the most emotional movie on this list. Glaiza is Emma, a mysterious resident on an island where Ron Capinding’s James exiles himself as he waits to die. Okay, so if you haven’t watched the movie, you should do so first so we don’t have to ruin the ending for you. But Glaiza wonderfully plays a seemingly wise and inspired woman who sees things differently than us, or, in this case, James.

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