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The FHM Movie Guide: 8 Films To Watch This April!

Don't know which movie to spend your cash on? Here we make the choice easier for you!
by Gelo Gonzales | Apr 10, 2014
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The climate's been climbing, so we go to that one cave where it's always too cold: The Cinema!

Thank God that April has some meaty offerings for us! Here are some of the awesome films you can watch this month, from summer scares to superhero blockbusters!

1) For those who can't wait for Halloween: Haunt

What's up: A family of five finds and moves into the house of their that's set to soon give them nightmares. That's because, like any horror movie where a family is moving into a new house, the supposedly serene dwelling is actually cursed. The family's 18-year-old son and strange neighbor accidentally awaken something in the house, and all hell breaks loose.

In theaters now.

2) For those who are big fans of the classic city-animals-return-to-the-wild formula:
Rio 2

What's up: The blue birds Blu and Jewel of the hit animated flick Rio make a return, and this time, they've got three squabs with them. From the safe confines of their home in Brazil, the family and their friends take a perilous trip to the Amazon, where they find out that birds of their ilk are still alive. As always, city animals take a little time to adjust to their wild surroundings, which always makes for a few laughs.

In theaters now.

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3) For those curious to see how Ely Buendia would fare in a directorial capacity:
Bang Bang Alley

What's up: Archipelago singer Yani Yuzon, filmmaker King Palisoc, and the Ely Buendia team up to direct a three-episode crime-drama anthology that tackles themes of corruption, violence, amorality, and betrayal.

In theaters now.

4) For those wondering what Vhong Navarro is up to nowadays:
Da Possessed

What's up: A horror-comedy flick directed by Joyce Bernal featuring two interesting leads. One is the controversial Vhong Navarro, and the other is FHM cover girl Solenn Heusaff. Talk about a surefire way to hold our attention.

In theaters: April 18

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