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6 Reasons Why The MSI GT80 Titan Is A Gamer's Dream Laptop

The phrase 'best gaming laptop' gets thrown around a lot these days. But we've got another true contender here.
by Gelo Gonzales | Mar 29, 2015
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For the gamer that has everything, the MSI GT80 will be the laptop to make you salivate again. The top-of-the-line gaming laptop, intended for the most hardcore of computer gamers, was launched at an event last March 26 at Torch Restaurant in San Juan.

In a nutshell: It's a proper beast. It's powerful enough to scare the pants off your game; its red-and-black theme reminds us of the devil of gaming, Diablo; and it has a set of special features more complex than your standard Civilization game. It's also going to probably cost as much as a second-hand car from the early 2000s, but hey, we're talking about an apex-level piece of hardware here.

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Here's a rundown of our reasons why—if we lived in a vacuum where money is no object—this is the laptop we'd all want to own.

1)   It offers the latest Intel Core i7 processors and GTX 980M graphics.

AMD-ATI fans might balk at this but there's no question that when you pair the flagship i7s with the flagship Nvidia GTXs, you get a laptop with flagship performance. This is the kind of set-up that even new consoles like the PS4 and Xbox One lose sleep over.

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2)   It packs a level of upgradeability.

With almost all laptops, you're pretty much stuck with the specs that you initially bought. The GT80 offers a measure of upgradeability in terms of allowing you to add a second GeGorce GTX980M graphics card to nearly double its power.

3)   Its the first gaming laptop in the world to use a mechanical keyboard.

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The MSI GT80 makes use of a mechanical keyboard with "Cherry MX" switches. Okay, we're going to get slightly geeky here. If you're the kind of PC gamer who does marathon Star Craft 2 or DOTA 2 runs, you know that the keyboard matters. A mechanical keyboard, as opposed to regular keyboards, has keys that sort of push back immediately at your fingers after pressing on it. This results in a more tactile feel and makes it more comfortable to type for marathon gaming.

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4)   The system is literally able to keep things cool.

MSI equipped the GT80 with the Cooler Boost 3 thermal system technology—a system which is optimized for not only cooling the system but with minimizing the overall system noise too.

5)   It has a display + audio combo geared for gaming.

The GT80 features an 18.4-inch Full-HD display with a resolution of 1920x1080. But in case one gorgeous monitor's not enough, the GT80 boasts Matrix multi-display functionality which allows you to use three external displays simultaneously. When you've got a laptop that can utilize more monitors than you have eyes, you know it's pretty good.

On the audio side, while you could easily jack it up to your home component set-up, the good thing about the GT80 is that is has a powerful 2.1 speaker set-up from Dynaudio. The laptop's audio system is designed to create the perfect immersive sound detail experience for gamers.

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6)   Have one last look:

This thing is wicked, and is a great addition to any man-cave. #Drool

The GT80's specs are as follows: Windows 8.1 OS, 4th-gen Intel Core i7 chips, 18.4 full HD display, max 32GB of DDR3 RAM, GTX980M GPU, and 512GB SSD + 1TB HDD. Price is TBA and will be available at computer stores in April.

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