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9 Scenes From The New Star Wars Trailer That Made Us Lose Our Sh*t!

Here's to hoping the movie is at least as awesome as the trailer.
by Neps Firmalan | Apr 17, 2015
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The global Star Wars fandom exclaimed a big, loud "HELL YEAH!" earlier today, thanks to the release of the all-new trailer for the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie.

We actually got a (literally) very early look as it was part of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens Panel Simulcast Fan Event in SM Mall of Asia that we ditched sleep for earlier today (like 12 a.m. early, we're really big fans).

We learned a lot about the movie from the fan event (like the new leads and costume designs, click here for more) but, admittedly, the trailer is certainly the biggest pasabog of the lot. Go check your Facebook News Feed and you'll know that we're not the only ones who lost their shit after seeing the trailer roll for the first time.

We want to set the hype machine to max on this one because it definitely deserves it. As such, below are the juiciest scenes from the new trailer that made us wish it's December 17 already. (Wait, you didn't know? That's when the movie will officially hit theaters! Where have you been, bud?)

This shot of a run-down Star Destroyer

star wars trailer
Nothing like a huge intergalactic vehicle of doom to get the geek in us all pumped up!

This dilapidated creepy mask that looks like its Darth Vader's

star wars trailer

Check that—it definitely is! The accompanying heavy breathing sounds made our skin look like the surface of a b-ball (read: goosebumps galore!).

This thing

star wars trailer

Some might say it's the hilt of the new cross-shaped lightsaber. We're not buying it though as it's a bit too wide to be the handle of one of sci-fi's most popular weapons. What is it then? We don't know; we love the added mystery though!

The new villain

star wars trailer

Oh, yes! The trailer also gave us our first glimpse of Kylo Ren a.k.a. the new Star Wars main villain!

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This babe

star wars trailer

Lads, you just met Daisy Ridley (The Inbetweeners 2, Lifesaver). Although it's not yet clear what role she's playing, word has it that she'll be one of the protagonists. That means more screen time for this beauty. YAY!

This battle teaser

star wars trailer

If the trailer is any indication, then the movie itself will have loads of fireworks, just the way we like it!

The new soldiers and bots

star wars trailer

That caped Stormtrooper looks like a total badass! Also, the new bot that looks like two stacked footballs is called BB-8.

This short-but-sweet

star wars trailer

More firepower!

The return of the icons

star wars trailer

Chewie and Han Solo are back. Rejoice!

Here's to hoping the full movie is at least as awesome as the trailer. Speaking of which, here it is:

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