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Patient X

<p>Patient X assures us of a Happy Horror Halloween!</p>
| Oct 29, 2009
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Patient X is GMA Films, Viva Films and RGUTZ Productions’ Halloween special. It is a psychological/ horror thriller about a doctor (Richard Gutierrez) out to deal with the murder of his brother. He finds himself trapped in the other-worldly reality of aswangs. [firstpara]

Of course, when there is a doctor, there must be a patient. Enter the sexiest woman in the land Cristine Reyes, who plays a suspected aswang. Because mythology and medicine are seemingly opposite to each other, she is referred to only as Patient X.

The challenge, says internationally acclaimed director Yam Laranas was in "coming up with a new twist on the 'aswang' myth... which has been told a million times" reports

He had his lead stars really working hard for it, too. Cristine had to act through her prosthetic make up, while Richard, who’s always had to play the dandy leading-men types, had to learn the nuances of a doctor. He admits to having the horror film require so much from him.

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But, as reviews go, it seems to be all worth it. Laranas is looking into major film festivals and international releases next year. "We are already in talks with a US company; hopefully, we will finalize the deal soon," he tells the Inquirer.

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