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Plan Your New Year's Party Like These 7 Movies
It's not the end of the world, but let's party anyway!
by anton umali | Dec 27, 2012
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There's no better way to celebrate next week's anticlimactic, non-end-of-the-world new year than by gathering your hooligan friends and throwing a monster party!

Sure, there might be some other shindig in the works that you plan to grace with your presence, but we say nothing beats being the host with the most as you play dark lord and provide all the hedonistic pleasure for your guests' consumption.

Trust us we’ve had firsthand experience in this sort of thing. “But I’m a wallflower, I don’t know a thing or two about partying” you might say to yourself. No worries! Planning a good party starts with good research. We've already done that for you with our list of some of cinema’s most wacky, out-of-this-world, balls-to-the-wall party movies to get that animal in you (and your friends) raging. Just remember it’s all about the booze, the drugs, and the chicks!

Sausage-fests not allowed! Ever!

Happy New Year!

1) Project X

The gist:
Three high school losers decide to throw a massive house party in order to gain cafeteria cred with the cool kids and the barely legal lassies. The entire thing soon turns into manic madness.

What you’ll need to copy it: A parent-less household, a lot of illegally acquired alcohol, a swimming pool, and a garden gnome filled to the brim with psycho-active pharmaceuticals. We're not saying it's ecstasy, but it might be.

Sound trip: Hipster dub fare will work well here. Try the Project X remixes of Kid Cudi’s “Pursuit of Happiness” and The Yeah Yeah Yeah’s “Heads Will Roll.” These are songs that are bound to have them young party hoppers feeling like they’re in party festival Tomorrowland.

Party rats: Hopefully, if the movie is any reflection of today’s wasted youth, a bevy of nubile chicks in short shorts and some skinny dipping sex goddesses. Ahhhh, youth knows no pain.

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