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Videos Show Disney 'Recycled' Animation Scenes, And We Were Unaware Of It

Déjà vu, indeed...
by John Paulo Aguilera | May 19, 2015
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It doesn't matter how manly we are, classic Walt Disney films will always get to us.

From Dumbo, Bambi and Simba (from The Lion King), to all the Disney Princesses, each story has a potent dramatic structure that never fails to hit us right in the feels. The effect is palpable even among kids of today, whose parents might have not been born yet when some of these movies were first released.

Heck, we even bet that if you ask an adult what his favorite Disney moment is, he'd have one for you. And no, we're not talking about something from recent 3D-fied Pixar films (although those were awesome, too).

To drive home our point, this GIF:

GIF via

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Makes you admire all the hard work put in every single Disney scene, right? Well, maybe not, especially with that last part.

Just recently, a YouTube channel called Movie Munchies put up a couple of videos of Disney's "recycled" animation sequences, sparking doubt on the ingenuity of some of the animated films we grew up with.

The technique is called rotoscoping, in which movement patterns animators shot from live-action footage are reused on succeeding works. This is said to be done mainly due to cost-cutting at a time when the "C" in CGI (computer-generated imagery) was still non-existent and a team of animators had to manually "animate" cartoons.

Confused? Maybe a few GIFs could help:

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Even we are speechless. Be it dance sequences...

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...heartfelt scenes...

...or even the weirdest of spots...

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...the similaries in motion patterns are very much apparent.

We're torn between being amazed (of its peculiarity) and feeling a bit down that some of the Disney scenes may have lost some of their magic. Still, we really can't blame the creators for making their jobs easier. After all, it still had that same old, unwavering Disney magic, right?

And, at the end of the day, if they didn't do this rotoscoping thing, we might not have been able to see these movies at all. Looks like a small price to pay know, doesn't it?

If you want more deets regarding this issue, check out these videos:

Video via Movie Munchies

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