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Remembering The Sexiest Quotes Of FHM's 2016 Cover Girls

These are the gorgeous ladies that know what they want and aren't afraid to tell you all about it
by Tanya Umali | Dec 26, 2016
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It's been a very eventful year for everyone, especially here at FHM. This 2016, we've been busy writing interesting stories for our dear readers, and doing photo and video shoots starring the finest ladies in the land. When featuring our cover girls, it's inevitable for their personalities to shine bright.

Aside from being goddesses in their own right, these gorgeous women have a lot of meaningful insights to share with everyone, which is probably what makes them so irresistible to men. As 2016 nears its end, let's take a look back at some of the sexiest quotes that our sexy cover girls shared with us:

January (Jennylyn Mercado)

We started the year right with Jennylyn Mercado. She made us realize that conquering one's personal fears can reap the best of rewards. We're glad we could help you, Jen! And Thank you as well.

Sexiest quote: “Baring myself for the camera used to be one of my biggest fears, but after doing FHM…masasabi ko na naging tama ang desisyon ko.”

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February (Dawn Chang)

This lady's passion for dancing adds to the confidence she radiates. According to Dawn, baring a bit of flesh in front of the camera is okay as long as it's done tastefully. Keep it classy, Dawn!

Sexiest quote: "There is nothing wrong [with] showing a little bit of skin, as long as you carry it well. You can show a little bit of skin as long as it's still classy. And siyempre, you still act like a lady."

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March (Margo Midwinter)

Winter came early for everyone when Margo decided to pose for FHM. She launched the magazine's 2016 sleek revamp and shared her opinions about how sexiness is a state of mind.  

Sexiest quote: "Sexy, I think is all in the mind. If you feel beautiful about yourself, you'll always attract what you want in life. So, whether it's treating yourself to nice lingerie, doing your makeup and hair, taking that time for yourself will emphasize you and you'll be able to feel sexy and good about yourself. It's all about the mind."

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April (Sam Pinto)

We missed Sam. Luckily, her summer shoot on the sandy beaches of Boracay was a good reminder of how a nice vacay from the daily grind can be all sorts of refreshing. 

Sexiest quote: "It was a good break for me kasi parang napapagod din, just like a restart. At least now that I'm doing so many things again, I'm fresh again.”

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May (Andi Eigenmann)

Andi felt like she was at a point in her career where she could experiment with her image and choices. Honestly, that's what FHM lives for. 

Sexiest quote: "I feel like I'm at the point in my career where I can show what I can do without so many restrictions. Well, it's always worth it to take risks. Appearing in FHM is one of the risks I want to take.”

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June (Rachel Anne Daquis)

This volleybelle was able to show two sides of her personality with double covers for the month of June. Though we all think it's a piece of cake for her when she plays her sport, Rachel cleared things up once and for all by explaining that volleyball is what challenged her to strive to do better and that is what truly makes her sexy (and strong) AF.

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Sexiest quote: "I know my handicaps when it comes to sports. But the rejections and disappointments molded me to become the person I am today. Plus the fact that I went through all the hardships, and doing all the hard work all those years, sinasabi ko sa sarili ko, 'Ngayon ka pa ba susuko?'"

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July (Rhian Ramos)

First time FHM cover girl Rhian Ramos tapped into her inner-ferocity for our 100 Sexiest issue. Her devil-may-care attitude is simultaneously intimidating and admirable, but always intiguing.  

Sexiest quote: "You know what? It really doesn’t matter what anyone’s opinion of your body is. It’s really up to you what you want to look like and whatever that is, it's okay.'”

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August (Solenn Heussaff)

We should thank the heavens that Solenn got hitched, otherwise she might have not agreed to pose for FHM again. There's just no shackling Solenn—a beast of utter beauty, intelligence, and sass.    

Sexiest quote: "Marriage is not supposed to be the end of your life. Marriage is not supposed to be suicide. People need to know that—if they do get married, you and your spouse should still need to respect each other's own lives."

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September (Jessy Mendiola)

This year's Finest in the Land had more than enough to say to all her haters out there. Her strong will and headstrong personality is what made her this year's unstoppable queen. 

Sexiest quote: "But then you plant yourself on the ground again, and look at the people around, who are there to support you, and they tell you your strengths and weaknesses, they build you up again. And I think for me, that's where I get my strength."

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October (Lovi Poe)

Lovi's two assistants during her FHM photo shoot made her appear more fearless and confident on the cover. However, this humble actress begs to disagree, which just adds to her allure even more. 

Sexiest quote: "If you ask the people I'm close with, they'll say that I'm very shy. But I guess what I can say is, I can probably seduce a guy with my awkwardness."

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November (Mara Aquino and Rizza Diaz)

These two PBA courtside reporters showed that it takes passion to succeed in your chosen profession. Awesome job, ladies! 

Sexiest quote (Mara): "For me, if an opportunity is presented to you, you take it and you can always learn later."

Sexiest quote (Rizza): “You can ask them, the players themselves, when they see me. I’m viewed as someone who is really there for work, just with my folder and pen.”

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December (Ellen Adarna)

Ellen has that fire that can't be killed even by the strongest of haters. She's got will. She's got a badass outlook on life. She speaks her mind and does what she wants and no one can tell her otherwise. She is, and we know you'll all agree, a woman of the now.  

Sexiest quote: “Girls like me can’t be controlled. I will change when the right time comes. But now, you just need to watch me grow.”

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