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Retro G.I. Joe

The best thing about G.I. Joe cartoons? Why their public service announcements!

| Aug 6, 2009
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G.I. Joe literally started out as toys. The plastic army was conceived in the mid-60s as gun-toting playthings for the young boys. Unlike the prehistoric solitary green toy soldiers, G.I. Joes had movable joints giving the boys their very own action figure to play with.

Before you see the movie though, we advise you to familiarize yourselves again with the now-hilarious G.I. Joe public service announcements. Airing after the end of each episode, these PSA's tackle a range of topics—from the dangers of petting strange dogs to the ill effects of hiding in a fridge. Hiding in a fridge is obviously very appealing, but unless you're a pack of patties, it's probably not a good idea. Here now are five of our favorite G.I. Joe PSA's.

"It's okay to be chicken if you're smart"

The premise: A girl and a boy find themselves in a house that's still under construction. They agree that they shouldn't be there, and the boy proceeds to jump over a ditch to get out. Because the girl apparently can't figure out that she can just go down the two-foot ditch and then climb back out instead of leaping over like the boy did, the boy teases her that she's chicken. How will she ever conquer this challenge?

Lesson learned: Planks are very useful things.


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