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WATCH: 83 Sexiest Female Moments In Hollywood

Cinema's hottest scenes compiled in one giant supercut
by Charlain Austria | Jun 20, 2016
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Movies have parts where it gets really entertaining and exciting. It could be something supremely funny or blood-curdlingly horrifying. Sometimes, it could be something unforgettably sexy. Sex and movies simply go together well. And throughout the history of films, we've seen a boatload of scenes that have made the heart beat faster.


One guy has made it his mission to compile all of these scenes in just one video, which features 83 scenes all in all. A few examples: Phoebe Cates from Fast Times at Ridgemont High; Emma Watson (and that tongue move) in Bling Ring; and Olivia Wilde’s lap dance from Butter. Demi Moore, Jessica Alba, Cameron Diaz and even Lady Gaga are in this list.



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