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Sexy Fan Art: If These 10 Game Babes Were Cover Girls

Imaginary characters make for sexy covergirls!
by Gelo Gonzales | Sep 9, 2013
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Hong Kong-born artist Stanley Lau (aka “Artgerm”) makes professional illustrations for entertainment and game companies such as DC Comics, Capcom, and Square Enix, to name a few. If you're wondering what got him those jobs, his portfolio at online art community, Deviantart, should show you just why.

Recently, Lau received some press coverage from comic book fan sites such as and because of a series of magazine mock-ups that he produced. Check these out:

Dubbed “Justice Magazine,” Lau drew up some truly stunning cover girls for the fictional newsstand rag considered as “Metropolis Bestselling Supermag.” After we picked up our jaws off the floor, the only thing we could say was, “Sana ganun rin ako ka-galing mag-drawing.”

Drawing comic book characters—or even those we find in games and animated TV shows—is simply natural fan behavior. Some, like Lau, simply draw better than most of us.

His work naturally got us thinking about cover girls—which is something that’s not completely unfamiliar to us. Specifically: What if we put non-real women on FHM’s cover? To answer that, we began scouring Deviantart for other sexy fan art of fictional characters that are worthy of being on our fictional cover. Click on the gallery below to see our picks and our completely imaginary interviews with them. 

You can also click on the next page to find the rest of the "issues" of Stanley Lau's Justice Magazine.
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