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Shinjuku Incident

<p>It's Jacky a.k.a Mr. Steelhead</p>
| Jun 11, 2009
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Starring Jackie Chan
Directed by Derek Yee

In what action star Jackie Chan describes as “one percent action, heavy drama,” Shinjuku Incident finds Chan playing a—surprise, surprise!—a forlorn lover. From China, Chan’s character, interestingly named Steelhead, travels to Tokyo to find is lady love. Of course, lady love will turn out to be married. And worse, married to a Yakuza. And soon, he finds himself embroiled in this whole Yakuza thing. Now, this is where it becomes a real Jackie Chan film. While his famed martial arts sequences are tapered down, there is still mucho macho action to enjoy. And given its romantic premise (can you imagine a there’s Steelhead looking for his one true love! Oh, the enormity of it all!), there’s a lot your woman can like, here, too.

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