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Should You Be Watching Breaking Bad?

YES! Here are the reasons why...
by Gelo Gonzales | Aug 23, 2012
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What is it about Breaking Bad that makes it today’s greatest and most talked about TV show? Well, aside from meth, money, and survival being its main elements, it has everything you want in a series. American cable channel AMC hit an all-time high after giving Vince Gilligan, the same guy responsible for the X-Files, the chance to materialize such a bold and daring concept for a show; one that will get viewers addicted to the kind of galvanizing drama and smart suspense it has.

Walter White (Bryan Cranston) is a middle class underachieving high school teacher trying to support his expecting wife and son with the little money he makes.  Just when everything couldn’t be more mundane, White is struck with lung cancer that threatens to take his life.  Scared of dying before attending to his family’s biggest needs, Walt thought of a quick and easy way to make cash, and that is, of course, to grab the edge of a sword and break bad.

But he can’t do it alone. White seeks the help of a drug-dealing ex-student, Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul), after seeing him flee from a drug bust. When Pinkman agrees to be his partner, White formulates a highly potent methamphetamine in a makeshift trailer lab. Pinkman then sells the stuff during the early stages of their operation, and they both use the money for their respective needs—whether it is to support a family or pay for an expensive drug habit. The pair’s small beginnings as high quality meth manufacturers will take them to different limbos of danger, brings them all the way to the top of the drug chain, and winding down to the pit of morality. 

Set aside all the bad-ass stuff we've just written about (again, this one has science, explosions, heists, drugs, bad guys, killings, and mad twists) and there are still a number of reasons why you should be on this show...

1. Superior programming, on all levels
Breaking Bad is an hour wired with grade A excellence season after season, week after week. Not just because the characters constantly speak of the extraordinary potency of White’s “product,” but the show is also noted for its solid structure and unpredictability. In its past four and current fifth seasons, it continually presents remarkable story lines, spine-tingling suspense, impressive character arcs, clever dialogue, and award-winning performances from its leads.

                                                  Pictured: bad-ass award-winning performance

2. Walter White is your kind of a “good bad guy”
From dying chemistry teacher to a baneful kingpin, Walter White’s character progression is one of the best anyone has seen on TV. As a criminal with a personal cause to provide for his loved ones, you'll be shocked by Walt’s ability to make illicit decisions and still be able to get their sympathy. And no matter how batshit and wicked he may get, you'll  still have a soft spot for TV’s most ruthless scientist who will do anything for his family.

3. Cliffhangers that make you want to fast-forward time
Cliffhangers from other shows ain’t got nothing on how each Breaking Bad episode ends. Pulsating with questions and a clunk of mystery on what’s going to happen next, every last scene of an episode is probably the strongest hit of quality television anyone can have on a weekly basis.

4. It doesn’t focus on life-wasting druggies
Though the plot revolves around the manufacturing of New Mexico’s meth of the future, the show doesn’t dwell on addicts, or drug use for that matter. If there are druggies on this show, they surely aren’t glorified or portrayed as heroes.

                                                  Homemade fog machines: electrifying

5. Breaking Bad boasts a pool of interesting characters
Unlike some shows, no one gets left behind in Breaking Bad. Supporting back stories are presented for each lead, with impressive character arcs that make them deserve their own spin-offs.  Expect so much emotional highs and crashes as you get mad, startled, and heavily affected by these ruthless and sometimes comical characters tangled along Walt and Jesse’s way. 
6. Baddest, most violent science on TV.
If you like dangerous science and looking for something to watch aside from Mythbusters, this show will give an exhilarating buzz. White’s critical thinking is not limited to his lab, he also uses his theoretic attitude to outwit crime-related problems (like how to dispose dead bodies) and people trying to kill him faster than the cancer. This proves that brains are better than muscle and guns, especially when used in gravely horrifying situations.  That’s one breaking bad-ass scientist.

If you haven’t felt excited or thrilled in a long time, watching this show will give you all that and more.  The fifth season is currently on its shivering peak, more reason to catch up and get on the TV binge everyone is crazy about. Sadly, though, it's not on any kind of TV here (local or cable). Hence, if you're not familiar with it yet, we recommend getting to know this Internet sensation called "torrents."

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