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5 Signs That You Might Be A Space Marine

Here's a little tribute to the prime cause of evil alien death in galaxies everywhere.
by Ash Mahinay | Apr 12, 2013
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Before the current glut of modern military shooters, a grizzly space marine was the de rigueur archetype for many games. From the earthbound machine gun-toting duo of Contra to the chainsaw-wielding beefcakes of Gears Of War, these tough-as-nails videogame icons have been protecting the world from the invasion of [insert murderous alien race here] for a good while now.

So now the question is, have you become one of them? Here we list the symptoms that you sir are actually a space marine, and you just weren't aware because you were too damn busy playing videogames.  Forward into our space marine boot camp!


You may be built like a brick shithouse, but if your name gets people giggling then it’s no good. Marines are mean, with no nonsense names like “Dom” and epic surnames like “Fenix” from Gears of War. No one is badder than Doom’s one-man wrecking crew though, he’s such a hard-ass that we simply refer to him as "The Marine." If you're name is something like Brando Berdugo, Juan Rapido, or Lito Lapid, then here's a pen, and sign right up for the coming galaxy war.
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