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by Lou E. Albano | Oct 21, 2010
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Just when you thought that time-killing vortex of a website Facebook couldn’t gain any more notoriety, cult film director David Fincher goes ahead and makes a movie about it.
The Social Network tells the story of how Mark Zuckerberg (Jesse Eisenberg) and his band of Harvard computer geeks set out to create today’s most popular website.

Immersed in a posh culture of scholars, prestige and acceptance, Mark finds himself lost and wanting to belong.

He’s just out of a busted relationship and believes being part of a University Final Club, a fancy fraternity that is reserved for Harvard’s best is the answer to his existential dilemma.

The only problem is you have to be invited.

He creates “the facebook” together with his best friend Eduardo Saverin (Andrew Garfield) as a sort of fuck you to all the clubs who ignored him.

With the help of Napster creator Shawn Parker (Justin Timberlake) they build an empire based on one mathematical algorithm.

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Conflict ensues when jealousy takes over and ruins friendships, not to mention other students claiming Zuckerberg stole the idea from them. You can’t be famous without having to step on a few people along the way.

The movie is a perfect mirror of society today: fast-paced, information-ready, and careless. It is a portrayal of jaded youth looking for acceptance and finding it in all the wrong places. Everything moves at hyper-speed and the language used by some of the characters could be alien.

The movie is told in a Rashomon-inspired series of hearings and time flashes where the audience is treated to each character’s point of view of the events that transpired.

Fincher, who is famous for very dark and gritty films such as Seven and Fight Club adds a unique tone to what could have been a boring movie about nerds in front of a computer, wanting to make it big.

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