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10 Quotes You Simply Must Yell While Dominating 'Star Wars Battlefront'

The excellent Star Wars multiplayer shooter has made the wait for 'The Force Awakens' far, far easier!
by Ash Mahinay | Dec 11, 2015
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The great thing about playing a movie-themed multiplayer shooter is that you can yell out cheesy quotes inspired by the movie. Scientifically speaking, that's 10 times more fun than spewing generic swear words. And with six movies to glean from, you'll probably never run out of things to yell while playing the graphically impressive Star Wars Battlefront.

(Confession: It's all we've been playing on the PS4 since its release back in November, and has made the wait easier for that little-known Star Wars movie opening next week.)

1) “I’m Luke Skywalker, I’m here to rescue you!”

Tired of life as a foot soldier? Grab one of the hero pickups and rampage as a hero or villain. It takes teamwork to take you down when you’ve got a lightsaber, and as you can see here, not even an AT-ST is safe.

2) “Into the garbage chute, flyboy!”

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Thermal detonators (that’s grenades for you, non-fans) and other explosives refill after a short cooldown. So unlike other shooters where you have to baby your bomb supply, Battlefront lets you blow shit up much more frequently so you can enjoy the ragdoll physics.

3) “Stay on target!”

You can play the game in third-person, but we highly recommend switching to first-person mode while in vehicles so you can shout many epic lines such as the above, (4) “I have you now!”, and even (5) “You’re all clear, kid! Now let’s blow this thing and go home!” whenever you save an ally under attack. We recommend the all-spaceships "Fighter Squadron mode" for maximum pilot feelings.


6) “I have the high ground!”

Boba Fett is a great hero pick because jet pack, but don’t worry because you can also unlock jumpjet backpacks for use as a rank-and-file trooper. Another excellent "I-have-high-ground" thing to yell is…

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7) “Great, kid. Don’t get cocky.”

Players only get a single weapon; none of the usual two-gun loadout here, but there are various equipable "Star Cards" that let you pack everything from rocket launchers and shield-busting ion ammo to Han Solo’s charged “Lucky Shot.”

8) “IT’S A TRAP!!!”

The best part of Battlefront is Walker Assault–where Rebels must protect communication "uplinks" to call in Y-Wings to bomb approaching Imperial AT-AT’s. Imps get to jump into the giant walkers to throw down heavy firepower and defend them until they reach the end of the level. Fail to protect them and they get a tow cable to the knees.

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Finally, whenever you get that ten-kill streak going on, there is no better war cry. Accompany with (10) “You are unwise to lower your defenses!” as you wish.

Star Wars: Battlefront is now available on the PS4, Xbox One and the PC.

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