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There’s A New 'Suicide Squad' Trailer—And It’s The Sexiest So Far

Margot Robbie, aka Harley Quinn, will make you wish YouTube had a slo-mo button
by Gelo Gonzales | Apr 11, 2016
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The MTV Movie Awards took place last night. But more than the actual trophies given away, the best prize may have been this: a new trailer for Suicide Squad.

Once again, we are teased with images of Deadshot, Killer Croc, Joker, and of course, Harley Quinn in a scene where she literally stops an entire army by herself. The gang of misfits is a volatile one, ready to break at a moment's notice given their unruly personalities. In the latest trailer though, things aren't so bad for these baddies as they wreak havoc cooperatively, looking like they're actually having fun in the midst of it all—so much so that a certain bat had to make a little cameo.


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